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It’s been A WHILE.

194991858836575354_0bBrML64_cSo this morning I’m enjoying my peppermint mocha, reading my friends wordpress blog and I begin to think about my own blog. “I wonder when my last post was?” I thought to myself. “JUNE 9th!!!” I answered myself. Wow I am not very good at this. haha. AND before June my previous post was in MARCH. hahaha. I need to be better at this.

Obviously life has been crazy. I haven’t had much time to myself just because I’ve been so consumed with school and work and when I’m not doing that my first choice to to be with Trevor and our families. Having time to myself is not high on my priority list, but I think it should move on up. It will be good for me. So one of my goals this Christmas break is to update me blog, make it reflect who I am and what’s going on in my life. Not sure if I’m going to focus more on art or journaling or a mix of both. The point is that I need to be consistent!


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