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Fingers Crossed

Yesterday I submitted my portfolio for submission into the  Art Education Program. So I thought I would share my images, artist statement and letter of intent for teaching:

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Artist Statement

For me, art is created to serve a functional purpose. Whether to address an argument, raise awareness about an issue, depict a memory, or reflect my future dreams, art puts reality into a new perspective. Beauty may be one of these purposes, but it is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the function takes precedence over physical appearance. More often than not, I have a specific function or goal in mind for the work I create rather than generating art without concept.

Preparing for the Art Education program allows me to experience an assortment of courses which leads me to create through a variety of mediums. Drawing and painting serve to develop foundational skills of working from observation, whereas design and ceramics allow me to work three dimensionally from imagination. However, photography is what I am most passionate about, as the lens captures pieces of life in the purest form. Whether that may bring back positive or negative suggestions, it allows the viewer to vividly relive moments again and again.

My recent artwork is rooted in the connections between people, as it is a recurring theme in every piece of work I do. This concept is based on the social norms of strangers I see every day and the relationships I hold with the people that are dear to me. With the advancement of technology, overloaded calendars, and a highly individualistic culture, our sense of genuine community has been lost. My desire is to encourage honesty and tenderness into our world, in hopes that viewers will be more aware of the importance of the ties that they hold with one another.


Letter of Intent:

I have, for many years, found such joy in caring for younger children within the realm of multiple church activities, summer camps, and steady babysitting opportunities all throughout high school. Now, being an Extended School Day instructor at Mc Nair Elementary School, I have gained even more experience with children. As an extension of their normal school day, we play games, apply academic enrichment, and produce two to three crafts a week. The variety of activities we plan has given me direct practice on how to create art lessons and see how well the children do.

To me, the most important rationale for art education is to provide a feel-good activity for the children. I believe that raising a child’s self-esteem through art will give them the confidence they desperately need to combat the negativity that probably will surround them in other areas of their life. I want to provide art lessons that produce a guaranteed success, so that no child will ever feel inadequate in comparison to their classmates. However, I want them to feel proud of what they create and for them to go home and share their achievements with their families. I feel that a balanced amount of the activities should focus on the growth and learning processes that are weaved into the unit as a whole rather than on the final product of piece of art.

I believe that especially for young children, the development of cognitive abilities and psychomotor skills can easily spill over to other areas of academic learning.  The practice of art making can accelerate the development of fine-motor skills and lead to a foundation of creative learning. Incorporating aspects of math, literature, history, science, and new media into the art classroom can intensify the absorption of knowledge to the student.  This incorporation of other disciplines can be taught in a inventive and interactive way, with a hands-on approach.



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The Most Greatest Day

Yesterday was such a GREAT day for a number of reasons.:
1) I turned in my LAST Design II project EVER and people liked it= YAY! I’m done with working with powertools and sharp objects for as long as I can help it!

2) I turned in my LAST two Drawing II projects EVER!
The “triad” project was my favorite of the semester and I think I’m going to end up giving it to my friend for Christmas in a really cute frame. My friend Angela added in critique, “You can tell in your drawings that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and I like that. I think it’s a good thing.” I was like, yeah that’s pretty true. lol.
The “Time of Day” was basically a one night project. I was so ready to be done with the class I didn’t have much motivation to do it so you can tell it really wasn’t my best drawing. As we were commenting on each other’s work, a guy in my class said, “You can tell that the person who did this drawing has a really colorful and fun personality.” That made me feel pretty good about it.

3) It was really fun talking and goofing off with my friends in Drawing for the first 45 minutes or so before we started critique. I hope I see them around next semester, they are really fun and I love laughing with them.

4) After class Trevor picked me up and we went to his house to make lunch and chill for a bit. He made us some of his “famous quesadillas” haha. They were great.

5) We headed off to Southlake to spend time with his family for the evening and celebrate his mom’s birthday. I made her a card which was super cute if i do say so myself. I absolutely LOVE Trevor’s family. We hung out at the house for a bit and then went to a fancy dinner with the whole family. It was soooo good! Peyton and I got the same thing off the kids menu- Penne with Alfredo and Shrimp, YUM! Trevor wanted to share something with me too so we split a salad, hehe I thought it was cute. I feel so greatful to be apart of their family and spend time with so often. I was smiling the whole evening.

6) We finished the night off with the weekly soccer game in the Colony. Anna was there so it was fun rooting on our boys and cheering when they scored a goal. It was a good game, they won 7 to 6 with less than a minute left.

Anyway so yeah, it was just a great day. I am so relieved to be done with Design and Drawing and now I can start painting Christmas presents for people, with the occasional studying for finals in between. I don’t feel stressed about it though. I have two Quizzes tomorrow for Design and Drawing and then I’m done with those forever. I have my Art History Final Monday then History Essay Final on Wednesday. No big.

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Made My Day

Trevor and I bought nerdy glasses yesterday 🙂 I like 'em

I have had a GREAT DAY so far! Hooray!!! First, I FINISHED my design project before class was over today. This is awesome because now all I have to do is photograph it and turn it in on Thursday. That’s one thing off my check list.

When I got downstairs (in the art building still) I noticed the art being shown in the lightwell. It was various projects from design 1 and 2 classes thus far. My foam core project was one of them! Check it out!

Mine is the cyclone looking one on the corner of the display

this may be a better picture

Next, I went down to the vending machine to but a Pop Tart to eat in drawing class. But wait, while walking to drawing- What’s that? Could it be? YES! The Jimmy John’s guy! This means I get a free turkey sandwich! SCORE! So I ate that when I got to drawing instead. This was awesome because I was suuuuuper hungry.

Then after doing “in progress critique” we watched a short pastel demo and then our TA let us out early! THANK YOU! So walking to the bus stop I had a nice conversation with my friend and then I was on my way home.

It began to sprinkle just a little bit, but the rain didn’t really start to come until I was already up in my apartment. And by this time I was already enjoying my toasted Pop Tart with milk in the comfort of my bedroom. It was nice.

Anyway, for now I must go. I am headed to TWU to do some research at the library there for my History paper and after that I have to write my other paper for my Art History class. But I have a good attitude about it. It’s been a good morning. Thank you God 😉

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Goodbye summer!

Summer School is done! Yay! I tried my best not to post things about summer school because of the fact that I knew they would not be nice things. Anyway I am so glad it is over. I took 6 hours in the 1st Summer Semester and 6 hours in the 2nd summer semester: English and Govenment. Made A’s in both sessions of English- Yay! and a B and a C in Government- not so yay. While I worked on my many english papers on Sunday afternoon’s after church, my boyfriend Trevor worked on this puzzle that my dad bought when we visited the Hearst Castle in California. I contributed to maybe 4 or 5 peices of this puzzle, so the credit of completion goes soley to him. So yes, Trevor is very good at puzzle solving he was solving that thing like lightning!

This puzzle was 3 feet long! It stretched across the whole side of the table!

Over 500 peices! Oh man!

Close up. Tiny weird shapes.

Also, here are some pictures of Trevor and I last Tuesday before we left to go to his soccer game. By the way, he scored 2 of the 6 goals that won them the championship 🙂 hehe’s pretty great at everything.

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Made my day

Today has been GREAT so far!
I got to sleep in, eat honeycomb for breakfast and my hair is nice and straight and long today! haha
In english class we peer edited our Short Story Analysis papers. At first, I was nervous about this because the girl who edited my paper 1st is from UT and she is really intellegent, buthe gave me a great review! She wrote that my paper was “exellent”! Yeah buddy! haha. Her positive comments and helpful suggestions made me feel great 🙂
On the way home from Decatur I turned up my mix cd from Trevor LOUD and sang at the top of my lungs all the way home; and when that wasn’t long enough, I went to sonic to get a smoothie just so I could finish the cd. hehe. I am in such I great mood!
Also I’m about to start a quick painting for my best friend Maisie’s Birthday tomorrow! It is going to look so cute!!! I’ll post a picture after I have givien it to her so I don’t spoil the surprise of what it is 🙂 Basically though. it’s going to come straight from my skectchbook. That’s why I called it “quick” I guess.
Also SUPER excited for tomorrow! After I get out of class I’m going to get all pertied up and go to Denton for a night of fun with Trevor. 1)Seeing Despicable Me. 2)Going to eat, prolly BWW. 3)Going to see Spencer’s band play at the Broiler Room. 3)Go to the square in Denton 🙂 YAY!

I love this dreamy picture

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Encouraged with school for the 1st time

I made a 145 out of 150 on my Communications Presentation!!! I am so excited I feel like dancing! On the last presentation I had a partner and we did not do nearly as well- so this was a BIG IMPROVEMENT. I got my grading rubric for my individual presentation and I did really well! The only thing I didn’t do perfectly was the outline that was supposed to be full sentence.There was a lot of check plus action goin on all over that paper!  It was so encouraging that I am finally doing something right! She wrote lots of good things! I put in some of my knowledge of how to analyze art and applied it to the artifact that my Presentation was over. So because a good chunk of the PowerPoint was about that I didn’t need to spend nearly as much time talking about the rhetor and things like that. The picture was much more important 🙂 Very encouraged. I hope I did well on the final and I hope with that plus my extra credit will be enough to bump me up to an A in that class.

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