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Fingers Crossed

Yesterday I submitted my portfolio for submission into the  Art Education Program. So I thought I would share my images, artist statement and letter of intent for teaching:

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Artist Statement

For me, art is created to serve a functional purpose. Whether to address an argument, raise awareness about an issue, depict a memory, or reflect my future dreams, art puts reality into a new perspective. Beauty may be one of these purposes, but it is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the function takes precedence over physical appearance. More often than not, I have a specific function or goal in mind for the work I create rather than generating art without concept.

Preparing for the Art Education program allows me to experience an assortment of courses which leads me to create through a variety of mediums. Drawing and painting serve to develop foundational skills of working from observation, whereas design and ceramics allow me to work three dimensionally from imagination. However, photography is what I am most passionate about, as the lens captures pieces of life in the purest form. Whether that may bring back positive or negative suggestions, it allows the viewer to vividly relive moments again and again.

My recent artwork is rooted in the connections between people, as it is a recurring theme in every piece of work I do. This concept is based on the social norms of strangers I see every day and the relationships I hold with the people that are dear to me. With the advancement of technology, overloaded calendars, and a highly individualistic culture, our sense of genuine community has been lost. My desire is to encourage honesty and tenderness into our world, in hopes that viewers will be more aware of the importance of the ties that they hold with one another.


Letter of Intent:

I have, for many years, found such joy in caring for younger children within the realm of multiple church activities, summer camps, and steady babysitting opportunities all throughout high school. Now, being an Extended School Day instructor at Mc Nair Elementary School, I have gained even more experience with children. As an extension of their normal school day, we play games, apply academic enrichment, and produce two to three crafts a week. The variety of activities we plan has given me direct practice on how to create art lessons and see how well the children do.

To me, the most important rationale for art education is to provide a feel-good activity for the children. I believe that raising a child’s self-esteem through art will give them the confidence they desperately need to combat the negativity that probably will surround them in other areas of their life. I want to provide art lessons that produce a guaranteed success, so that no child will ever feel inadequate in comparison to their classmates. However, I want them to feel proud of what they create and for them to go home and share their achievements with their families. I feel that a balanced amount of the activities should focus on the growth and learning processes that are weaved into the unit as a whole rather than on the final product of piece of art.

I believe that especially for young children, the development of cognitive abilities and psychomotor skills can easily spill over to other areas of academic learning.  The practice of art making can accelerate the development of fine-motor skills and lead to a foundation of creative learning. Incorporating aspects of math, literature, history, science, and new media into the art classroom can intensify the absorption of knowledge to the student.  This incorporation of other disciplines can be taught in a inventive and interactive way, with a hands-on approach.



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I am now on Pinterest! I LOVELOVELOVE this site! I can now see something, love it, and then instantly pin it to one of my boards for inspiration! AND it austomatically saved the link from which it originally came! How awesome! I highly recommend this site for any artist, photographer, cook, crafter, interior designer, decorator, bride to be, wedding planner, any event planner or anyone who wants a wonderful place to post all thier inspirations. My inspiration boards can be found at http://pinterest.com/maryjames/

Have a wonderful day!

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Christmas Festivities

Tonight I went home to see the Christmas Parade on Main Street and then we all ate dinner together and then decorated the tree. It was very nice, here are some pictures form the night.

Buddy 🙂

Each one has it's own memories. This star was the first thing i ever sewed. haha
My favorite ornament set

Austin thought this one was weird, but I like it.

He likes to give me really big hugs 🙂

Mom and I

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Wedding from a dream

The Blessing Tree: Little blessings for the Bride and Groom.

Tonight I witnessed my friend Maggie marry a lovely Christian man named Travis Sears. They had their wedding in the back pasture of Maggie’s parents farm here in Bridgeport. Let me tell you, this wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL! I loved absolutley everything about it because of the unique way they did everything; from the setting to the cowboy hats and boots, it was just so special to experience. I kind of wish I would have brought my dad’s camera, but I thought it would be a little much and I didn’t want to carry it around all night. So I resorted to my simple point and shoot Canon A1100 IS. So here are a few photos that I snapped.

The stage was built to look like an old church complete with a cross and stain glass windows. Here Maggie's dad, Mark, says a few words before they begin.

So I think this was my favorite picture of the night. I absolutely fell in love with all the handmade decor. That's exactly how I want my wedding to be- handmade and pulled together with love.

Cutting the cake! By the way, it was delicious! I think our friend, Dawn, had like 3 peices! haha.

Also I gave Maisie her birthday present tonight. I hope she really liked it. I think it will go with her style and her new apartment perfectly. Her are a couple photos I took with my dad’s camera of the painting the other day after it made it.

The painting is actually on two seperate canvases because that's how I drew it on my sketchbook and I really liked the way it looked. Also I wanted it really big. lol.

This doesn't get a very good view of the painting, but I like the shot anyway.

Looking forward to a great Sunday tomorrow at church! Too bad that I have to spend all of the evening working on my much procrastinated research paper for english though. Slightly sad face.

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Thrifty Find

Today after class I found myself wondering the square in Decatur hoping to discover something wonderful, and I did! Not only did I get a birthday gift for my friend, I also got this awesome camera at a little thrift store called “Knell’s Nook” or something like that. It’s a Kodak Instamatic X-45 made in 1970. I have been looking for something just like this and better yet, it’s from one of my favorite eras of photograohy- the 70’s. haha I know Why would I like photos from the 70’s? I love the square shape of the photos, wether it be framed in a white polorid style or the ones with the rounded corners. I also love the faded orange tint that they have. I’m not sure if it’s because of the film quality or the distressed nature of the picture due to the sun damage, but either way I love it. I love looking through the pages of my dad’s high school year books from Castleberry High School. Graduating class of 1977- I see images of zany hand-drawn mascots, coming-home queens, the key club, cosmotology students, and the grand marching band. Here are some photos. I love looking at old yearbooks regaurdless of where they came from. I guess I love analyzing what was poplular at the time: The way the pages are layed out, the theme of the book, the clothing and hairstyles, and the student life photos.
Well for now I’m going to read up on my new camera. I need to figure out how to work it and where to take it to develop the film. Pretty excited!

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