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The Band vs. Jesus

So last night, some friends and I went to Banter to See Karyna Cruz and Zach Blach perform. At the end of Karyna’s set she cam around to talk to everyone and also to pass out bracelets, stickers, business cards, all with her name in info on it. She obviously does this so we will use these items, people will ask about it and she will get her name out there. This method easily spreads the word about her music and expands her contact with these people.

As she came around I took a couple business cards and thought to myself about who I could give these to this week. Karyna is great and clearly with the links to her website I’ve given you, I want you to be able to know who she is.

I wonder why we are so good as spreading the word about about our favorite band, but when it comes to spreading the word about Jesus (the one true God we should be worshiping), we fall short? It’s very easy for us as humans to talk about earthly things because that is what is on our minds and that is what is important to us.  But if we captured that fire, and we used it for the glory of God, think about the big things that our Lord will do.Colossians 3 says that you (we) are to “Set your minds on on things above, not on earthly things… When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory… you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.” How awesome is that!?!

If we are with God daily, it will begin to show in our hearts, minds, words, and actions. This is defiantly something I am working on and I challenge you to take His word to heart and do this as well. Please pray for me as I work on loving the Lord with all my heart and with all my mind, especially this week.


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Made My Day

OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SO EXCITING! I don’t even know how to express my joy. I feel like I want to jump up and down on a trampoline for like 4 days!
Sooo remember my other post about the drawing for Karyna’s sticker logo? This happiness is like that times 10! I was on Facebook and saw a picture of Karyna tagged by a photographer in Palo Alto, CA. Karyna has been in California all summer and last night she played at The Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco.
In the picture I saw MY ARTWORK that I sent to Karyna! The photographer photoshopped my drawing into a big sign! I was freaking out! This really awesome photographer, Topher Simon, took this picture among others and I have him to thank for making me feel famous. haha. If your work is photographed by an established photographer (even if it is part of the background), that is just famous enough for me. haha. I don’t think I worded that right but I think you get what I mean. You should totally “Like” him on facebook so you can admire all of his other wonderful pictures as well as the one pictured below.

This is me right now trying to contain my overwhelming happiness with the original drawing for Karyna.

This is the photo from Topher Simon's facebook. I'm sure he laughed at my incredibly enthusiastic comment to the picture.

Do you see the matching!?!?! This is so exciting. I don’t know what else to say. Oh yes: and my mom just brought me a second slice of pizza, I just ate the crust without even realizing it! I really don’t want to go join the family in movie night, there is too much sitting still involved. Like previously stated, I really want to go find a trampoline and jump on it for 4 days. Oh my gahh! I’m sure I sound like a total dork right now but I don’t care. I’m SO HAPPY!


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Made My Day

So this really cool singer/songwriter Karyna Cruz, who is a friend of mine, asked me to create a logo for her. At her shows I am always drawing in my sketchbook. Anyway, after lots and lots of doodles- here is the one! You should check out her website and listen to her charming music!
So because I don’t have a working scanner at home, I take my sketchbook to the receptionist at school and ask her to scan it for me so I can send the logo to Karyna. She began to ask me about my artwork and wants me to do a painting for her daughter’s room! This is perfect! I do little kid drawings all the time! Oh my goodness, I am so excited to have a purpose for them! haha. Oh AND she’s gonna PAY ME for the painting(s) WHAAAAT!?! haha.
This is pretty cool, I must say. Who knows, If I advertize this a little more, maybe I can do more paintings for kids rooms! That’s exactly the kind of stuff I’d be good at!
Anyway I am posting this because I am really happy! I’m thinking that this is going to be a great day. Hope yours is lovely as well!


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