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If you are looking for my professional portfolio…

Please go to

The site you are currently on is my personal blog.

Thank you.


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Random facts to note while procrastinating…

I like:




drinking nesquik with my spoon in the cup


singing in the car (but I think it’s odd that I never sing in the shower)


I do not favor:

my hair in a ponytail

simultaneously hearing two songs

people who drag their feet



wearing earrings and a necklace together, especially if they match


I clean when I am killing time and/or procrastinating.

I have had way to much chocolate today.

I think now it would be a smart idea to do my homework.


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“The End Of An Era”

All my other roommates had seen every episode, so I thought hey, I’ll make use of my summer by watching all 10 seasons of Friends. People this is 238 episodes in 75 days and I can now proudly say that I have seen every episode of the show, including every gag reel and special feature.
It’s a funny thing really. I never thought I’d be one of those people. One of those people who refers to these characters as if they are an actual person who is apart of their life. I’d be hanging out with Trevor and something he said would remind me of an episode. I’d say, “Last week Ross did this… or Chandler said this…” It was so fun to watch these characters grow and to watch these relationships between them evolve. I have to admit that I cried during The Last One, realizing that I didn’t want the story to end. I wanted to see so badly what was going to happen next.

Now having seen them all I have to say that I feel quite knowledgeable about the show and the characters. I can now refer to specific scenes and quotes, and laugh about all my favorite moments.  I love friends and I am so glad that I spent my summer with them.

I feel like there is more that I should say about this topic… but for now that’s all I’ve got.



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Obsession number 2

oh, hello friend: you are loved.: collections / forts:.

My obsession for forts is also VERY high on this list of loves. I cannot stop wishing I had a fort like any of these. I am in love with them. Click on the link about to see more wonderful forts.

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Obession number 1

oh, hello friend: you are loved..

I am seriously obesssed with this collection of beautiful, magical, stunning, whimsical, dreamy, lovely lights. Click on the link above and it will make you instantly happy.

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It’s not what it looks like

Ok it is. I’m avoiding my figure drawing project. It’s a “Nocturnal assignment” meaning it has to look like it’s at night. I took some pics last night for it, but I really have no motivation to work on it. I know it won’t be nearly as good as other people’s in the class. I’m in a bad mood because this morning was just not a good drawing day for me. I didn’t really like either of the two poses and everyone in my class still seemed to do a fantastic job. It just frustrates me sometimes! I am sorry I’m compalining and whining, but you don’t have to keep reading if you don’t want to obviously.
Other than my drawing project, I also need to paint something for my brother’s birthday. I have a awesomely huge 2ft by 4ft canvas, but my biggest brush is only an inch thick. haha. SO I can either pout and put that off too, or I can not paint the intire canvas and just draw or write something cool on it. Still deciding on that.
Also, I have to start thinking about my final project in Photo1. It’s completely open, which means I can do anything I want. Perfect right? I can do WHATEVER I WANT! Well… this makes me anxious because with such a possiblity for greatness, also comes the expectation that the result will be great. Well what if mine isn’t great? My TA will be thinking, “you had no limits and all this time, and this is what you did with it?” All this project means is that I’m going to be stuck figuring out what will be worthy of shooting and making something out of, while my classmates will knowingly be doing their best and very favorite thing- being awesome.
I just want it to be summer already because I am just creatively drained right now. I think I need to read my new book that deals with this very issue.

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It’s a Tuesday

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