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Fingers Crossed

Yesterday I submitted my portfolio for submission into the  Art Education Program. So I thought I would share my images, artist statement and letter of intent for teaching:

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Artist Statement

For me, art is created to serve a functional purpose. Whether to address an argument, raise awareness about an issue, depict a memory, or reflect my future dreams, art puts reality into a new perspective. Beauty may be one of these purposes, but it is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the function takes precedence over physical appearance. More often than not, I have a specific function or goal in mind for the work I create rather than generating art without concept.

Preparing for the Art Education program allows me to experience an assortment of courses which leads me to create through a variety of mediums. Drawing and painting serve to develop foundational skills of working from observation, whereas design and ceramics allow me to work three dimensionally from imagination. However, photography is what I am most passionate about, as the lens captures pieces of life in the purest form. Whether that may bring back positive or negative suggestions, it allows the viewer to vividly relive moments again and again.

My recent artwork is rooted in the connections between people, as it is a recurring theme in every piece of work I do. This concept is based on the social norms of strangers I see every day and the relationships I hold with the people that are dear to me. With the advancement of technology, overloaded calendars, and a highly individualistic culture, our sense of genuine community has been lost. My desire is to encourage honesty and tenderness into our world, in hopes that viewers will be more aware of the importance of the ties that they hold with one another.


Letter of Intent:

I have, for many years, found such joy in caring for younger children within the realm of multiple church activities, summer camps, and steady babysitting opportunities all throughout high school. Now, being an Extended School Day instructor at Mc Nair Elementary School, I have gained even more experience with children. As an extension of their normal school day, we play games, apply academic enrichment, and produce two to three crafts a week. The variety of activities we plan has given me direct practice on how to create art lessons and see how well the children do.

To me, the most important rationale for art education is to provide a feel-good activity for the children. I believe that raising a child’s self-esteem through art will give them the confidence they desperately need to combat the negativity that probably will surround them in other areas of their life. I want to provide art lessons that produce a guaranteed success, so that no child will ever feel inadequate in comparison to their classmates. However, I want them to feel proud of what they create and for them to go home and share their achievements with their families. I feel that a balanced amount of the activities should focus on the growth and learning processes that are weaved into the unit as a whole rather than on the final product of piece of art.

I believe that especially for young children, the development of cognitive abilities and psychomotor skills can easily spill over to other areas of academic learning.  The practice of art making can accelerate the development of fine-motor skills and lead to a foundation of creative learning. Incorporating aspects of math, literature, history, science, and new media into the art classroom can intensify the absorption of knowledge to the student.  This incorporation of other disciplines can be taught in a inventive and interactive way, with a hands-on approach.



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A Little Productivity

So I realized that I’ve been so into my new pinterest thing that I have not been blogging. To make up for lost time I’ll update you on what you’ve missed.
Finals went well, on the day of my last one (Art History) Trevor and Corey and I went to the Rangers game. Due to lightning we got to move to any seats that we wanted! We got super close, it was awesome only paying $10 and getting to sit in $75 seats. When lightning comes you can guess what came next- rain, and LOTS of it.

The rain was crazy and let me tell you, the clouds outside... were menecing.

The game was called of in the middle of the 4th. Even so, we had a great time. We ate at Bone Daddy’s afterwords and mmm I love that pulled pork with mac cheese. YUM! After words we went bowling and Mike came too.
I did well on my grades: 2 A’s and 3 B’s. I’m glad it’s done so I have a bit of a break before summer 1 startes up in June.
I was productive in cleaning and organizing my room this week. I used my container store gift card from Trevor’s mom to get a few things I needed.

I got a bin for my bags so now they aren't just stcked up on top of my art stuff.

I got this cute magnetic strip to hold more photos!

After organizing and cleaning I also updated some things in my room. Like my corkboard and my picture line.

Missing Florida, I put up some of my favorite pics from the vacations in the years past. And I also added in some new things as well. Like Trevor and I with our ice cream and invitations for the weddings coming up.

Before, this large poster frame held a black and white poster I bought when I moved into Kerr. Now, it holds a new poster I painted on brown paper that I got for free. And I also updated some of the pictures below

So there is a little tid bit into my first week of summer. More to come.

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I am now on Pinterest! I LOVELOVELOVE this site! I can now see something, love it, and then instantly pin it to one of my boards for inspiration! AND it austomatically saved the link from which it originally came! How awesome! I highly recommend this site for any artist, photographer, cook, crafter, interior designer, decorator, bride to be, wedding planner, any event planner or anyone who wants a wonderful place to post all thier inspirations. My inspiration boards can be found at

Have a wonderful day!

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I think I found a 3rd obsession

Hanging beds
Check it out:


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Nocturnal Drawing Project: 99

I finished my Nocturnal Drawing Project last night around midnight. Not bad, I didn’t freak out about it, I just finished it. Show up this morning and no one said anything about my drawing, but I didn’t think it was the worst in the group. Not everyone’s work was talked about and there wasn’t much to say about mine anyway. With that said, I didn’t know was to think about the grade I was getting. 99 to my surprise. I could not beleive it. I wanted to go to my teacher’s office and make sure that it wasn’t a mistake or something… Anyway, I am happy. Happy also that our final portfolio only has to include 6 sustained drawings and this one may be one of them. So my final portfolio is only two weeks away and for the first time, I’m a little bit excited about it.

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Monday night I went to the art building to work on my outside assignment for figure drawing. The assignment was about hands, which I have strategically avoided the past two semesters in Drawing 1 and 2, but now I was forced to overcome it. I had two goals in mind while I was in that studio at 8:30 at night:
1) Finish this thing TONIGHT because I do not want to have to come again on Tuesday.
2) Have some style. This my sound pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how boring my figure drawings tend to be. In the drawing core we were taught how to “render”, but I think in figure drawing it’s more about development, growth, and self-discovery.

By 11pm the building was getting ready to close and I had to be out of there in no more than 10 minutes, still with one more hand to go. I threw it on the paper, and even though I didn’t spend hours upon hours on my assignment, I was REALLY happy with it. I was just so relieved that I made something that finally had some personality and I felt that I wasn’t as pressured to do amazing as I have been in the past. I felt so proud that I took this picture and texted it to my parents, regardless of how late it was.
This morning we had a critique over the assignment as well as our best gesture drawing and best sustained drawing. My favorite part of it was talking about our hands. Everything about them: the intricacy of each wrinkle, the parts that are more fatty, knuckles and nails, uniqueness and personality. Our hands were perfectly designed by a perfect God. He created musicians with long, lean fingers in order to reach the keys of an instrument. He created strong, thick hands for those who were made for intensive labor… etc. Looking at the different descriptions of hands on those papers on the wall, and then examining my own hands, made me realize what an amazing God I have. Psalm 139 comes to mind. This God, who created the universe, who lived a sinless life, who died so that my slate may be wiped clean… also designed the hands that are typing this blog right now. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool.

Side note: This blog post I read earlier today is in close relation with the subject with a spunky point of view. You should check it out.

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Snowed In… for 4 days

I don’t even know where to begin with this post. It’s Friday night and I have not left the apartment since we had school on Monday. This is ridiculous. Despite the crazy ice and snow keeping us in, my roommates and I have found ways to entertain ourselves, kinda.

Day 1: Movie marathon of Oceans 11, 12 &13. Also, we took a few pictures outside… that lasted about 10 minutes. IT WAS SO COLD! But they turned out good anyway.


THEN we made a awesome fort in our living room, played the longest game of Uno ever recorded, and then fell asleep whatching Princess Diaries 2.

Day 2:  Rachel left Denton and headed to College Station. From there she went to Houston the next day to be a leader at “Reality weekend” at the Fellowship of the Woodlands. We all said our prayers for her and thank the Lord she got there safe and sound. The only other thing I can remember doing this day was walking to Shannon’s apartment to bake chocolate chip cookies. After that we made mac n cheese with dino chicken nuggets.

Day 3: I made 3 paintings to sell.

Later, Macey and I joined Gargi in her room for a Full House marathon while eating lemon cake. Mmmm! Mini adventures acompanied tasks like getting the cake to cool faster so we could eat it faster: We stuck the pan of cake out in the snow a left it out there, and then of course we feared that the neighbor’s dog would come and eat it.

Day 4: MORE SNOW fell on top of the ice still on the ground from Tuesday. In other news, we went sledding on cookie sheets and I made another painting.

We have seriously been going CRAZY in the apartment! The roads are not really safe to just drive around on unless there is an emergency so we are still here. We had to figure out somewhat to get out without driving. So we walked down the highway a little bit to eat dinner at Olive Garden! haha! It was actually a really short walk and because we were now walking on snow instead of ice, it wasn’t so bad. Afterwords we took more pictures in the snow. 

So tomorrow will be my first driving journey out of here when I head to Southlake to help Trevor’s mom with some baking to prepare for Sunday. I am really looking forward to seeing them again, the only downside is that Trevor will be working late, so he won’t get there until late tomorrow night. Still, it will be a great weekend with his family, celebrating Peyton’s 13th birthday and the Superbowl.

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