A Little Productivity

So I realized that I’ve been so into my new pinterest thing that I have not been blogging. To make up for lost time I’ll update you on what you’ve missed.
Finals went well, on the day of my last one (Art History) Trevor and Corey and I went to the Rangers game. Due to lightning we got to move to any seats that we wanted! We got super close, it was awesome only paying $10 and getting to sit in $75 seats. When lightning comes you can guess what came next- rain, and LOTS of it.

The rain was crazy and let me tell you, the clouds outside... were menecing.

The game was called of in the middle of the 4th. Even so, we had a great time. We ate at Bone Daddy’s afterwords and mmm I love that pulled pork with mac cheese. YUM! After words we went bowling and Mike came too.
I did well on my grades: 2 A’s and 3 B’s. I’m glad it’s done so I have a bit of a break before summer 1 startes up in June.
I was productive in cleaning and organizing my room this week. I used my container store gift card from Trevor’s mom to get a few things I needed.

I got a bin for my bags so now they aren't just stcked up on top of my art stuff.

I got this cute magnetic strip to hold more photos!

After organizing and cleaning I also updated some things in my room. Like my corkboard and my picture line.

Missing Florida, I put up some of my favorite pics from the vacations in the years past. And I also added in some new things as well. Like Trevor and I with our ice cream and invitations for the weddings coming up.

Before, this large poster frame held a black and white poster I bought when I moved into Kerr. Now, it holds a new poster I painted on brown paper that I got for free. And I also updated some of the pictures below

So there is a little tid bit into my first week of summer. More to come.


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