The BEST WORST day ever

This morning I walk out to the parking lot and my car is NOT where I parked it. It was towed…
Ok so last night I got in from Trevor’s soccer game a little after midnight and threre is no parking around my apartment building. I think to myself, “Ok, it’s midnight, I have to leave agiain at about 7:30am, I’ll just park in this close covered parking spot and be outta here in the morning. I do not want to have to park at some other building and walk all that way in the middle of the night.” Little did I know, the owner of that spot came back after me and called to have my car towed away because I was in thier spot.
Because our apartment from office didn’t open till 9am, I had to wait to get the number for the towing people until my break from class. Then I found out that it was going to cost me $198.30 to get my car back.
…this is a pause for dramatic effect… $198.30… almost $200 dollars… pause…
After class Trevor picks me up so we can go rescue my car.
Ok this is the sweet part: First we go to Chipotle, order it to go, and then eat it while we go through the car wash. I love the car wash! I love Chipotle! It was exciting.
This was the sucky part: We search to the ends of the earth to find this car taking place. Apparently there are 2 streets named Collins in Denton; we were on the completely wrong side of town. I was a little releived about this though because the 1st Collins St we were at made me a little uneasy. Finally we get to the right address and it looks even more sketchy than the first place. We have to drive all around the property to figure out where to park, there all these many scary gates, and there are these men standing on the corner of the road waiting to be hired for day labor. SKETCHY. We get in the many gates and I am completely silent as I pay up and receive directions from the woman at the counter. It was like my dog had died or something, and she was responsible. There was no, “Thank you have a great day! πŸ™‚ ” that you receive at the grocery store, just a blank “doomed” expression on my face.
The day gets MUCH better though. Trevor and I drive all the way accross town again just to get Mint Oreo Blizzards at the Dairy Queen! Yes! We love Mint! …Go figure they are out of Mint. That kinda sucks. Ok, that’s alright; we get our vanillas and enjoy them with the rest of our Chipotle in the Dairy Queen. As a result of the artic fridgedness inside the igloo of a Dairy Queen we head outside to finish our ice cream.
This was probablly my favorite moment to date: sitting in my car with the windows down, my feet in his lap, us facing eachother, singing happily to our little duet song while enjoying our ice cream. Mmm. yes. Yes to all of the above.

Because out little adventure wasn’t enough, we headed to Southlake for some errands and some time to chill. There was talking and tickeling, and sillty face-making, and I got a “happy” from Trevor’s mom (i.e. chocolate graham goldfish in a cute little carton). It was nice. It always is. Trevor made so many efforts today to make my day so much better than I know it could have been. I am so glad I have HIM. πŸ™‚ Anyway, so yes, those are the ups and downs my my day: The Best Worst day ever.
P. S. My next post will probably have something to do with how ridiculous we are πŸ™‚



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