This is me avoiding homework

Is there a difference between the word ‘best friend’ and ‘friend’?
yes of course

Has anybody on your top ever admitted to liking you?
who does top friends anymore? lol

Can you recall the last time you sincerely liked someone?
it was and is today 🙂

When is the last time someone of the opposite sex gave you a hug?
today 🙂 I love you Trevor 🙂

Who is your celebrity crush?
Matthew Mcconaughey

Can you touch your toes?
yes? haha

Do you know anybody who was abused?
No actually

Do you take walks often?
I walk everywhere on campus, so yeah I suppose

Is silence really golden?
depends on when and why

Do you have any interesting tattoos/piercings?
I just have my ears peiced, that’s it

Are you afraid to grow up?
Not at all. I’m excited, but in a different way, I know I never have to really grow up.

Who were you with last night?

Can you count past 100?
please, I’m in college

What language do you want to learn?

Any upcoming vacations?
none that I know of : /
I want to travel so bad though

If you had to marry someone on your top, who would it be?
again with the top friends…

Do you like to read?
I’m sorry to say, No I do not

Have you ever touched an elephant?
haha. Ummm i don’t think I have. Man I wish I did though!

Plans for tomorrow?
church, then going to southlake see visit Trevor’s family.

Is anything wrong?
homwork is wrong.

What did you do for your last birthday?
I went to school on my bday for the 1st time 😦
But a couple weeks later Shannon and I had a joint bday party with our friends. That was a blast.

What were you doing at midnight last night?

Name something you CANNOT wait for?

What’s your favorite season?
the begining of fall. It’s still warm enough to outdoor activities, friday night football, I love fall clothes

Most visited web page?
facebook and probably designsponge

Coke or Pepsi?

Looking forward to something this weekend?

How many siblings do you have?
1 younger brother

Do you have any pets?
A golden retreiver, Buddy

Have you known any of your friends your whole life?
Kelsi, litterally since birth. Our parents met in lamase class

Are any of your friends taller than you?
yeah a couple of them.

Have you ever been ditched by a friend?

Have you ever been in love?
yes 🙂

Ever had your heart broken?

Do you like pet names like, sweetie, babe or honey?
Yes 🙂 mostly baby 🙂

Do you get bored of your girlfriend/boyfriend easily?
nahh, we have fun

Has one of your crushes ever called you self centered before?
No. That seems kinda dumb…

Do you think abortions are horrible?
Idk. I’m not very good on taking a stand with those kind of issues

Needles aren’t so horrible?
Of course they’re no fun, but I can deal with them.

You have plenty of secrets that you share with…?


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