Saturday Morning

This morning I was so excited to wake up and eat breakfast because I bought Trix yesterday. Not just any Trix, throwback Trix! So had to take full advantage of this opportunity and observe every side of the box.

Hello favorite cereal of the week.

You want me to watch Retro Cartoons? You betcha, I will.

I love what it said on the side panel as well, “Relive those great Saturday mornings you spent as a kid in front of the TV, wearing your pajamas with feet, eating a bowl of your favorite cereal and watching cool cartoons like Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo and many more!” I did as the box advised and I must admit, I do miss those mornings.

Now hip hip hip, and away we go!

Although my Saturday and Sunday mornings were spent watching shows like Recess and Wishbone, it was still a nostalgic way to start my day. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Watch some cartoons, you will like it.

Laptop at my desk, TV in the living room... same thing right?... not quite, but that's ok.


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