The Day I Fell In Love With The Drive Through Car Wash

That day was today.
I got out of photo lecture early today. I was hoping to get a nap after class but something inside me told me that TODAY was the day that I finally should wash my car. It needed it, bad.
I only knew of one drive through car wash. I haven’t even been in one since I was a little kid.
Before I even paid I was excited. Looking at all the choices and combinations, I could hardly contain myself! I quickly put the car in park, unbuckled, swiped my debt card and happily choose the $3 car wash. YES! $3 car wash!
As fast as I could, I buckled back up into my seat, put the car in drive and the magic door opened up and allowed me to pass on to the next stage in my adventure.
The lady directed me straight onto the thing. It was like a magic carpet ride! The lady pointed to a sign that lit up and and said “Put the car in Neutral” …i did. “Take feet off pedals” …i did. “Take hands off steering wheel” …i did. And WHOOSH! I was off into the land of car wash with the tunes of Stephen Jerzak blasting loud in my car!

I was amazed. I could not beleive it, this was so exciting! I thought to myself, I must document this!

The big blue ribbons were drug all over the exterior of my car! This is revolutionary!

Then, oh no, the ride was ending. I could see the light. I didn’t want it to end!

I seriously thought to myself, “I kinda want to do that again!” I was seriously so amazed it was ridiculous. I was having the time of my life and I have no idea why.
But wait, as if a $3 car wash wasn’t enough… Free Vaccum for the inside! Umm Yes Please!

I cleaned the inside of my car as well! It was AWESOME! I am now a happy person who no longer wants to take a nap!

I can’t wait till my car gets dirty so I can go through the car wash again!


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