Monday night I went to the art building to work on my outside assignment for figure drawing. The assignment was about hands, which I have strategically avoided the past two semesters in Drawing 1 and 2, but now I was forced to overcome it. I had two goals in mind while I was in that studio at 8:30 at night:
1) Finish this thing TONIGHT because I do not want to have to come again on Tuesday.
2) Have some style. This my sound pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how boring my figure drawings tend to be. In the drawing core we were taught how to “render”, but I think in figure drawing it’s more about development, growth, and self-discovery.

By 11pm the building was getting ready to close and I had to be out of there in no more than 10 minutes, still with one more hand to go. I threw it on the paper, and even though I didn’t spend hours upon hours on my assignment, I was REALLY happy with it. I was just so relieved that I made something that finally had some personality and I felt that I wasn’t as pressured to do amazing as I have been in the past. I felt so proud that I took this picture and texted it to my parents, regardless of how late it was.
This morning we had a critique over the assignment as well as our best gesture drawing and best sustained drawing. My favorite part of it was talking about our hands. Everything about them: the intricacy of each wrinkle, the parts that are more fatty, knuckles and nails, uniqueness and personality. Our hands were perfectly designed by a perfect God. He created musicians with long, lean fingers in order to reach the keys of an instrument. He created strong, thick hands for those who were made for intensive labor… etc. Looking at the different descriptions of hands on those papers on the wall, and then examining my own hands, made me realize what an amazing God I have. Psalm 139 comes to mind. This God, who created the universe, who lived a sinless life, who died so that my slate may be wiped clean… also designed the hands that are typing this blog right now. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool.

Side note: This blog post I read earlier today is in close relation with the subject with a spunky point of view. You should check it out.


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