Snowed In… for 4 days

I don’t even know where to begin with this post. It’s Friday night and I have not left the apartment since we had school on Monday. This is ridiculous. Despite the crazy ice and snow keeping us in, my roommates and I have found ways to entertain ourselves, kinda.

Day 1: Movie marathon of Oceans 11, 12 &13. Also, we took a few pictures outside… that lasted about 10 minutes. IT WAS SO COLD! But they turned out good anyway.


THEN we made a awesome fort in our living room, played the longest game of Uno ever recorded, and then fell asleep whatching Princess Diaries 2.

Day 2:  Rachel left Denton and headed to College Station. From there she went to Houston the next day to be a leader at “Reality weekend” at the Fellowship of the Woodlands. We all said our prayers for her and thank the Lord she got there safe and sound. The only other thing I can remember doing this day was walking to Shannon’s apartment to bake chocolate chip cookies. After that we made mac n cheese with dino chicken nuggets.

Day 3: I made 3 paintings to sell.

Later, Macey and I joined Gargi in her room for a Full House marathon while eating lemon cake. Mmmm! Mini adventures acompanied tasks like getting the cake to cool faster so we could eat it faster: We stuck the pan of cake out in the snow a left it out there, and then of course we feared that the neighbor’s dog would come and eat it.

Day 4: MORE SNOW fell on top of the ice still on the ground from Tuesday. In other news, we went sledding on cookie sheets and I made another painting.

We have seriously been going CRAZY in the apartment! The roads are not really safe to just drive around on unless there is an emergency so we are still here. We had to figure out somewhat to get out without driving. So we walked down the highway a little bit to eat dinner at Olive Garden! haha! It was actually a really short walk and because we were now walking on snow instead of ice, it wasn’t so bad. Afterwords we took more pictures in the snow. 

So tomorrow will be my first driving journey out of here when I head to Southlake to help Trevor’s mom with some baking to prepare for Sunday. I am really looking forward to seeing them again, the only downside is that Trevor will be working late, so he won’t get there until late tomorrow night. Still, it will be a great weekend with his family, celebrating Peyton’s 13th birthday and the Superbowl.


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