Surprisingly Great Weekend!

So this weekend we had 5 “Christmas Outside of the Box” Performances on Saturday and Sunday. I was completely exhausted from dress rehearsals on Thursday and Friday night, and being at the church literally ALL DAY on Saturday. Trevor was scheduled to work, so I was a little bummed.
Anyway I called him as soon as I got home and ready for bed on Saturday night a earlier than normal because I was so ready to crash. Two other people called him while we were talking, which I thought was unusual, but I was too tired to care. 30 minutes into our conversation he puts me on hold… and about 60 seconds later I look up from my bed and there he is standing right there in my room! When I realized I wasn’t dreaming, I jumped out of bed and hugged him for about 5 minutes! haha. I was SO surprised! I just couldn’t beleive it because in the back of my mind I had hoped something like this would happen, but I was like “no, he can’t becuase he has to work”.
Turns out the the two people who had called him while we were talking were my mom and the person he switched shifts with! haha. I was so happy, “You are the best Christmas Present EVER!” I told him.
Of course, I could hardly sleep that night I was so happy, and then on top of that I had stress dreams relating to the play (most of them included me forgetting my lines or something like that). Despite the worries, the production was a hit, especially the Sunday performances. I really loved being apart of it and I especially loved our family we were cast with. I am so thankful for my church family.

Proof that we were ALL exhausted on Saturday. Scott snapped a picture of Rachel face down on the couch on stage in between performances.

View of the adorable elf scene from the balcony.

Well I’m about to head out to go to my brother’s basketball game and then the two of us are going to do some Christmas shopping in Denton! I’m excited for the next couple days because after that we are going to Trevor’s soccer game tomorrow and then Southlake to see his family on Wednesday. Lots to do and lots of fun to be had! More to come but until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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2 responses to “Surprisingly Great Weekend!

  1. You were and are so wonderful! Love you sweet friend! 🙂

  2. maryjames

    Awww, hehe, so are you my dear!
    I love youuuu!

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