You know, concerts are the most interesting places to people watch. Last night Trevor and I went to the Green River Ordinance concert at the Aardvark in Forth Worth. Now, GRO had a overall pretty young audience and for the most part is was a bunch of high school girls. Anyway the subject of confidence versus insecurities came to my mind.

I look over to my left and two young girls stick out to me. The first is tall, with straight hair, wearing a white tank that showed a little too much of her if you ask me. She confidently moves to the music of the opening band, sentually running her hands through her hair then holding up the “rock on” hand gesture. I laugh to myself a little bit and shake my head. The second has dark, poofy bangs and wears a backpack purse, while she holds onto it tightly she dances half heartedly. The look on her face spills her insecurities and she looks around the room, as if she is searching for acceptance. It’s obvious that the two came together but, the sidekick gets to stand behind her friend while the leader enjoys the front row. I laugh to myself and feel sorry at the same time.

Meanwhile, Trevor and I were in a predicament. We still had on our heavy jackets beacuse, of course, it was cold outside; but it was SO HOT in that place because of all the people. Option one: take off the jackets and hold them, meh. Option two: leave the jackets on and suffer. Trevor was convinced we were doomed. BUT, AH HA! Option number three: tie our jackets around our waists, haha “belting it” as we put it. I said, “Ok, if you do it, I’ll do it too so you feel less weird.” Aside from the fact that we were bringing back the 80s trend that really should have never come about, belting it was a success! We had a great time goofing off playing the “fake yawn game” between sets then singing and clapping once GRO came out.

We didn’t care that we looked completely rediculous with big jackets at our waists. Yet, looking around the room i could see tons of beautiful, dolled up people who were self-concious about the way they looked because they were at a concert. I just love that Trevor and I are so comforable with each other that we can be wearing sneakers in a sea of stilettos, and be goofy, and make up games, not caring at all whatever else is going on around us.


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