Hello Favorite Project!

So the Assignment was to make an existing HARD object that is between 12 and 24 inches into a SOFT creation with sewing.

An old radio I bought at a thrift store on the square in Denton.

It's supposed to look like the real thing... but in fabric with my own twist on it

So yesterday morning I turned in my latest design project. I am not one to brag but I gotta say, it was a pretty great project. Most of the time I know only a few days into these projects that mine isn’t even going to compare to some of the other people’s in the class. They just always have really good ideas and I hate comparing my work to others. It makes me feel somewhat inferior. I think I am more inspired by images, textures, and… well… shopping. haha. I have no clue what I can do until I see the materials that I’m working with. These sound like limitations or excuses but I like to think of it as knowing my strengths and weaknesses.
Anyway, on with my point- being super excited. lol. I love my object I chose to dupliacte, I love the fabric I chose and I just feel really good about my work for once. It felt really good when some other the other students in my class made positive comments about mine, when nobody really talked about anyone elses project. Rachel even said that she wants me to make something like this for her for Christmas! hehe. I think stiching is definitely my kind of project rather than dumb wood carving and things. Those kinds of tools are way too dangerous! haha.


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