Made My Day

Trevor and I bought nerdy glasses yesterday 🙂 I like 'em

I have had a GREAT DAY so far! Hooray!!! First, I FINISHED my design project before class was over today. This is awesome because now all I have to do is photograph it and turn it in on Thursday. That’s one thing off my check list.

When I got downstairs (in the art building still) I noticed the art being shown in the lightwell. It was various projects from design 1 and 2 classes thus far. My foam core project was one of them! Check it out!

Mine is the cyclone looking one on the corner of the display

this may be a better picture

Next, I went down to the vending machine to but a Pop Tart to eat in drawing class. But wait, while walking to drawing- What’s that? Could it be? YES! The Jimmy John’s guy! This means I get a free turkey sandwich! SCORE! So I ate that when I got to drawing instead. This was awesome because I was suuuuuper hungry.

Then after doing “in progress critique” we watched a short pastel demo and then our TA let us out early! THANK YOU! So walking to the bus stop I had a nice conversation with my friend and then I was on my way home.

It began to sprinkle just a little bit, but the rain didn’t really start to come until I was already up in my apartment. And by this time I was already enjoying my toasted Pop Tart with milk in the comfort of my bedroom. It was nice.

Anyway, for now I must go. I am headed to TWU to do some research at the library there for my History paper and after that I have to write my other paper for my Art History class. But I have a good attitude about it. It’s been a good morning. Thank you God 😉


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