Long Time No See

Soo it has been way too long since I put any kind of update on my blog. I have been super busy with almost zero time to myself. Let me catch you up on a few things from this past month. I’m mostly going to do this through pictures considering how long this post could potentially be.

The 1st week of September, the day my 1st design project was due, I took a chunck out of my fringer with an exacto knife. It’s healing really well. 4 weeks later and I can finnally only wearing a band-aid or two. I never thought I would be so excited to wash my hands yesterday at the doctor. It was the 1st time I could wash that finger with soap and everything. haha.

The afternoon of the inncodent.

Besides injuring myself, I have been really busy with projects for Design and Drawing. I don’t have any pictures of my Drawing Stuff yet, but here are some of my Design Projects thus far… They look like nothing, but the process involved was really a lot of stuff as far as sketchbook and prototypes go.

The Assignment was to get inspiration from a 60 second peice of instrumental music. I chose the Mega Man theme.

This process involved lots of picture taking, with light drawings mostly.

I really liked the way it looked BEFORE I had to put the nylon on it, but that was part of the project.

Inspired from the color blue. Also lots of picture inspiration involved.

Close up

So yes, I’ve been doing plenty of stuff for Design. Like I siad, If I had been documenting my drawing with a scanner or something I would post those too. But they are not really that exciting anyway.

So What else is new? Hmm Trevor and I have been going to Crave at the BSM on Thursday nights. We really love it and we have a great small group there full of other Art and RTVF majors. We dig right into the word every week and after that we always have a really goot time in fellowship. We are still looking at churches. It’s been back and fourth on some weekends going from Southlake to Bridgeport and then to Denton. But we have been looking. Not sure where we belong yet, but continued prayers for guidence would be great.

Last weekend was one of the best I’ve had in quite some time. Friday night we went to the Bridgeport game and I loved seeing everyone at home. While my dad and Austin were at marching contest Saturday morning, we went to the Annual Coal Miner’s Day Festival in Bridgeport on Hassel Street with my mom. It’s a cute small town thing, hehe; we bought lots of yummy goodies and just enjoyed the morning air. In the afternoon we went to Josh and Hannah’s Wedding. OMG it was not only beautiful, but it was so good to see all of my church family together to celebrate these two families uniting. I didn’t have my camera at the wedding but my mom took some pictures afterwords of Trevor and I all dressed nice.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More updates more often. I promise!


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