Goodbye summer!

Summer School is done! Yay! I tried my best not to post things about summer school because of the fact that I knew they would not be nice things. Anyway I am so glad it is over. I took 6 hours in the 1st Summer Semester and 6 hours in the 2nd summer semester: English and Govenment. Made A’s in both sessions of English- Yay! and a B and a C in Government- not so yay. While I worked on my many english papers on Sunday afternoon’s after church, my boyfriend Trevor worked on this puzzle that my dad bought when we visited the Hearst Castle in California. I contributed to maybe 4 or 5 peices of this puzzle, so the credit of completion goes soley to him. So yes, Trevor is very good at puzzle solving he was solving that thing like lightning!

This puzzle was 3 feet long! It stretched across the whole side of the table!

Over 500 peices! Oh man!

Close up. Tiny weird shapes.

Also, here are some pictures of Trevor and I last Tuesday before we left to go to his soccer game. By the way, he scored 2 of the 6 goals that won them the championship 🙂 hehe’s pretty great at everything.

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2 responses to “Goodbye summer!

  1. Congrats on the success in summer school. It is lousy while going through it, but pays off big later.

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