Got Faith?

In my quiet time to today, I ralized how little faith I have in the Lord when I read about the miracles that Jesus was performing in the city of Cana (John 4:43-54). A royal officer fom Capernaum walked 20 miles just to see Jesus! He asked Jesus to heal his son and Jesus said, “Go, your son will live.”
Okay, just to fill you in; this guy had no confirmation that was Jesus said was true, he just beleived and Jesus sent him all the way home to Capernaum. Um Wow! Seriosly? He just went straight home? Can you imagine was agonizing that 20 mile trip back home would have been for someone who didn’t trust what Jesus said? …This made me realize what little faith I have in Jesus oftentimes. First of all, you could NOT get me to walk 20 miles to see anybody. I’m takin a car and there is no other way about it. Second of all, the anticipation of not knowing would KILL me! I clearly don’t have faith like that man.
Anyway, when the man got home, his servants ran out to him shouting that his son was healed. “The fever left him yeaterday at the seventh hour,” they told the man. Then he realized that this was the exact time that Jesus said, “Go, your son will live.” Then in then it says that he and his household believed.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!?! How cool is that!?! Because of this one man’s faith, all of the lives in his household were changed!

Another few passages I read this morning reminded me of all the things that God cannot do. One stuck out in particular: Mark 4:39. I had read this story before many times, but it never hit me like it did this morning. Jesus and the disciples were caught in a terrible storm at sea and the disciples were freaking out. Jesus was asleep on a cushion and when they woke him they said, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” I love this part: Jesus just got up, told the storm to quiet and the waves to be still. AND THEY DID. The wind died down and the waves were completely calm.
Whoa! Our God is SO powerful that he can calm the raging seas. Symbolism anyone? We have raging seas everyday.
I can just picture Jesus so chill about the whole thing. Everyone was flipping out, afraid of dying because of this storm. Then Jesus there, asleep, and then when we woke we was just like “Be still.” Not saying a word to the disciples, I’m sure that they just stood there in amazement with their mouths wide open.
Jesus then asked, “Why are you so afraid? Do you have no faith?”
Umm Jesus we’re about to die here! YES we’re afraid! And of course we have… oh wait. I guess you’re right. I guess we didn’t have faith right there. Man, I would feel so dumb right then. I mean, Jesus is right there with them; of course they are going to be safe. But wait a second, Jesus is right here with me everyday. Why is it that I am so afraid? Does this mean I have no faith?

I know I worry WAY to much. And for me it’s so easy to forget that God has my back, even with the little things that make me freakout so much. Proverbs 3:5-6 says to “Trust in the LORD with all you heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways aknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Again, many of many of us had have heard this verse time and time again, but it really encouraged me to take a second look at my realtionship with God. So many times I try to do everything myself. I plan ahead, I think about all the possibilities, if something is to fall through then I think about my plan B. But when is the last time I jest trusted on God to take care of it all before the worryness kicks in? My Heavenly Father says, trust in me and I will be there to take care of everything. In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus explains to me, “Do not worry about your life.” You just have to read the entire passage. It is one of my favorites because worrying is something that I srtuggle with daily and right here Jesus talks to me specifically about it.
I’m sure this may have been a bunch of ramble, but God really put this on my heart this morning. It is something I need to work on, but I challege you as well: How does your faith look when you are caught in a storm? Are you freaking out, trying to do it yourself? Or do you ask God to help you calm your storm, putting your full trust in Him?


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