Wedding from a dream

The Blessing Tree: Little blessings for the Bride and Groom.

Tonight I witnessed my friend Maggie marry a lovely Christian man named Travis Sears. They had their wedding in the back pasture of Maggie’s parents farm here in Bridgeport. Let me tell you, this wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL! I loved absolutley everything about it because of the unique way they did everything; from the setting to the cowboy hats and boots, it was just so special to experience. I kind of wish I would have brought my dad’s camera, but I thought it would be a little much and I didn’t want to carry it around all night. So I resorted to my simple point and shoot Canon A1100 IS. So here are a few photos that I snapped.

The stage was built to look like an old church complete with a cross and stain glass windows. Here Maggie's dad, Mark, says a few words before they begin.

So I think this was my favorite picture of the night. I absolutely fell in love with all the handmade decor. That's exactly how I want my wedding to be- handmade and pulled together with love.

Cutting the cake! By the way, it was delicious! I think our friend, Dawn, had like 3 peices! haha.

Also I gave Maisie her birthday present tonight. I hope she really liked it. I think it will go with her style and her new apartment perfectly. Her are a couple photos I took with my dad’s camera of the painting the other day after it made it.

The painting is actually on two seperate canvases because that's how I drew it on my sketchbook and I really liked the way it looked. Also I wanted it really big. lol.

This doesn't get a very good view of the painting, but I like the shot anyway.

Looking forward to a great Sunday tomorrow at church! Too bad that I have to spend all of the evening working on my much procrastinated research paper for english though. Slightly sad face.


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