Happy 4th of July!

As I sit here in Texas, America I wonder about Independence day of other countries as well. My friends Rachel and Casey are in Australia riht now ans I asked them some questions:
“What is the 4th of July like in Aussieland? Do they know about American traditions of the 4th? What do Aussies do for Australia Independence Day? Do they celebrate it at all?”
While awaiting a reply from Rachel I went looking for some Americana inspired photos. I’m in a hurry to get over to Maisie’s house to celebrate the 4th with her family, so here they are : )

Um I love this

Hoping to play with my sparklers tonight at the guys house : )

Who would not want star shaped lanterns?

I want to make these adorable things : )

A haircut would be patriotic.

If only I lived in a different time...

Please bake me this. Please. haha.

Hope everyone has a fantastic 4th of July!!!


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