Alice in Wonderland

So for my birthday my little brother got me the Alice in Wonderland BlueRay! OMG I LOVE this movie! So after seeing it for the thrird time (twice in theatres and once the other night) I did lots of fun sketching! YAY! Check ’em ooooooooout!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Forgive me for the lack of interestingness of the presentation of the pictures. The point is. I think these could inspire some paintings or something else wonderful like that. Did I mention I love this movie?



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2 responses to “Alice in Wonderland

  1. I really like your drawing style, and I love your blog! I’ll be following 🙂

    • maryjames

      Thanks! I’m pretty new to drawing but I’m keeping a sketchbook for the summer since I’m in between classes right now.

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