Birthday Blog

I wanted to use a different picture but this one will have to do. This is from Easter a couple of months ago. I love how happy we look.

Today I had a lovely birthday dinner at home with my parents and my little brother. I bought fresh green beans and corn on the cob to roast and my dad made steaks! mmmm! We had great conversation about my parents engagement. I was gleaming from ear to ear the whole time. It was real life romance that absolutely melted my heart. Ugh. I wish I could tell the stories as well as they did. I am a horrible storyteller. People tell me I always mess it up and it never sounds as good when I tell it. Anyway the point was: it was so cute to see my parents going back to that time of when they had first realized that they had really fallen for eachother. 🙂 After that we had ice cream and I opened my gifts from them. Aside from some really cute clothes and things, I also got these awesome handmade earrings from Galvaston that my mom got me. I love them! She knows just what I like! She also got me a red little Michael Kors sling-over bag. It’s my first leather, and actual designer, bag of my own. Perty sweet. And I also got the Alice and Wonderland dvd, which I plan on watching tomorrow. It was a good ending to a 19th birthday. Thanks mom and dad!


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