Thursday is the weekend

Just wanted to share some of my weekend with you. I don’t have class on Fridays so, for me, Thursady after class is the start of my weekend. Class let out early because in english we had a quick little assignment and I was out of there and off to a Cafe on Main St. This Cafe also doubles as a lovely little Organic Garden Center. This place is absolutely enchanting and from the first moment of discovery, I a great oppurtunity for some art was inspired! I took like a million pictures, but I will share with you a few of my favotite shots:

While I was there on my little photograhic adventure, there was a group of young artists there on a little field trip with an art camp! I though it was so cool that they got that oppurtunity! I bet that was super fun for them; I sure would have liked to have that oppurtunity when I was little. Hmm maybe that could be a fun babysitting activity?

So after the gardens, I was went to Just Like New in search of some things for the apartment (dishes and a bed set). While I did not find either of these, I did find a really cute white eyelit dress from dELiA’s and a blue and white floral top, perfect summer loves. So the after going home and getting cleaned up I went to Denton to continue my apartment shopping before heading over to the guys house. First stop: Goodwill. Found a great 10 peice set of blue and white dishes that wil cordinate with the existing 12 peice set that we have now. They were $5.99 but I didn’t buy them because I wasn’t %100 sure, and my mom didn’t answer her phone when I wanted to ask her about it. If it’s ment to be, they will still be there, waiting for me, when I go back next week. Next was Walmart and Target: comforters that I liked were to expensive. On the otherhand, at Bed Bath and Beyond, I found a complete bed set that I really love! The price is reasonable considering that it comes with sheets, 2 pillow cases, 2 shams, the comforter, 2 shams, bedskirt, and 2 decoarte pillows. It is perfect because it’s has everything I want: color (but not too much), pattern (perfectly fun and homey), and it looks like a grown-ups bed. I’m so excited!

After shopping and pricing everywhere I bought some paint at Micheal’s and randomly applied for a job at Pier1. I had not thought about that place before but it is certianly an option if my first two choices don’t work out. In the fall, I would love to work at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby so I could buy my art supplies there for discount prices. Plus, I just love those stores, it would look good on a resume because, hello, I’m an Art Major! That would be perfect because I would have at least something to do with art to put on there. So I just finished applying online at Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby is next on the to do list.

Next, I headed over to the guys house so we could go to Buffalo Wild Wings, as we do every Thursday. This time though, afterword, we watched a movie instead of playing Rock Band. We watched Bill and Ted’s Exellent Adventure (made in 1988), and I must say, it was “most excellent”! I had never heard of it before, much less knew that Keanu Reeves was in it. It was fantastically hilarious and I absolutely recommend it! Basically, these two California wanna be rockers set out to pass their history report. All of a sudden, a telephone booth falls from the sky- it’s a time machine! They get in it, capture 8 of the most well known historical figures, and ace their history report! haha.

Since then I haven’t been doing a whole lot since then, I’ll just make a list considering this is an abnormally long post.
1) Yesterday, I saw Knight and Day with my dad at the Rave. Great movie! I love Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise!
2) Today I am at the Roger’s house, dog-sitting, while simultainously getting my tan on outside by the pool.
3) Babysitting the Williamson kids in a few hours. Plan on fun! hehe. Looking forward to it!
Well I think I’m gonna swim for a bit. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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2 responses to “Thursday is the weekend

  1. Ah! you were at my house! 🙂 Were my dogs oh so excited to see you?

    • maryjames

      Of course they were! And I was excited to see them. Haha Yeah your mom called me and asked mt to daog sit last weekend because Nana and Brenda were out. I enjoyed hanging out your house all Saturday, hope you don;t mind I finished off the jelly when I made some toast. hehehe

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