!Babysitting today at the Robinson’s house was great! I am really blessed to have the opportunity to babysit them on Monday and Wednesday mornings before I have to go to English class. Today we did some fun things including playing outside! Yay! I love the outside! hehe. I did chalk with Peyton and then Bryce and I played frisbee and soccer. Inside we also did some more lovely art by blowing up some balloons and then drawing on them and also coloring in their coloring books. It was a good morning.
Now I am on campus waiting around for English in a half hour. It shouldn’t be too bad though. I’m turning in my paper today and I thinkI’ll get an A on it. It’s actually pretty interesting. I wrote about the Effects of Violent Media on Children. What do you think about it?
Later, after class, my dad and I are going into Fort Worth to get some suff done. 1) Take the mini van to the dealer to get a little check up and full cleaning, mom we love it all clean. 2) Take my car to Best Buy to get some new speakers! Happy Birthday to me; I get to turn up my music REAL LOUD! hehe. 3) Go out to eat at Gehingis Grill probably. YUM



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2 responses to “Babysitting

  1. Aw. Sounds like a fun Dad date! 🙂

    & those kids are lucky to have you as a babysitter! You sound great!

    And just a little tip…. don’t turn up your music quite as loud as you did last time! Lol

    Love you dear!

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