Painting Gap

So today after lunch I set out to paint some art for my new apartment. I was planning on painting from my previous sketches from this weekend. While pulling out my paints, I unearthed about 20 magazines and began filp through them thinking I might find something worth saving. I really love this photo from a Gap ad and somehow it became my inspiration for this painting that I up and decided to do instead. So here it is along with a little painting mess. hehe.

Unfourtunately I had to stop because I ran out of black paint. All the stuff I think I wanna do for my room in the apartment I will need back paint for, so I will have to get some more next time I’m at Michael’s. I love Michael’s! They have such great sales! So until Thursday, when I’m in Denton again, I will have to do without balck paint. fooey.
Anyway I’m thinking that I could use some other painting stuff as well like a smaller mixing bowl or pallette and something to hold my brushes besides my toolbox. I don’t know, I’m thinking whatever I do get it will be from home already or from goodwill or something. Art is expensive!



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2 responses to “Painting Gap

  1. I love this! 🙂


    I love you!

  2. maryjames

    hehehe. Aww thanks Mais! I love you too girl!!! I can’t wait to see you in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!

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