PZ Kids Camp Day 1

Kids Camp tonight was completely AWESOME in every way! My favorite part was the dancing like crazy with the kids as they arrived. I am not one to dance but when I am with kids, they make all my insecurities blow away and I am a freakin rockstar. We danced and I led the whole group in yells and cheers all evening. It was so great to be there again. I have missed Power Zone sooooooooooooooooooo much you have no idea. I love those kids. When I am there exerting all my energy into getting these kids going, making sure they are having a good time, that’s when I am having the most fun. Being with them seriously makes me at my absolute best. When I am with the kids of my church it makes me the person that I wish I could be ALL THE TIME. All of a sudden I am transformed into a comedian, a dancer, a singer, and a fearless leader. They put me at my best, the way no one else can. Here are some pictures from last year.

Leaders Challege: I had to put vasaline all over my face and stick cotton balls to my face. So nasty!

This is me and my bud Payton, getting some war paint.

I tried to upload last year’s video but I couldn’t figure oiut how to do it right. Anyway here is the link form the church webesite. Advertized is this years camp, scroll all the way down to see the video. 🙂


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