That one thing we’re all afraid to talk about.

Why do we hide our pain?
Why do we not want to let other people see us when we are weak?
We try to be strong for those who look up to us… like we are protecting them from something terrible.
“Maybe if I don’t show my pain, and nobody can see how much I’m hurting, they won’t feel so bad. Maybe if they can’t see what I’m really feeling they won’t say anything to me and we can just pretend that everything is completely normal.” Nothing is wrong.
On the other hand if someone is hurting and you are able to sense it, that my friend is an opportunity to show love. It’s an oppurtunity for compassion.
How will anyone know that you are hurting and that you really need some love unless you voice it some way? You don’t want to just come right out and ask for whatever it is that you need because then you appear slighty weaker than you were before.
Why do we want to appear so strong?
What is holding us back? Pride?

It’s so hard to watch someone you love hurting. She is in pain but there is nothing you can do for her. She’s taken every pill on the list, the ice packs unsuccessfully attempts to numb the muscle pain, no matter which way she sits everything that’s holding her in is too tight, her body is feverish yet she shivers under a mound of blankets. Why dosen’t any of this work? Why is she feeling this way? Can’t I do anything? I hate this feeling of helplessness.

It’s hard when you have all these emotions running wild inside of you already and then you have someone else’s pain on you as well. when you love someone, the pain they feel hurts you as well. These other people who don’t know what it’s like- not because they don’t care, sure they care, but they haven’t experienced these things first hand. To be honest, it just kind of sucks.


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