Ilojical Speling

So there are these people (clearly with no lives) protesting the National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. If you don’t beleive me here is an article about it, and here. Why? They claim that English spelling is illogical and basically that it’s causing children to drop-out of school and become criminals. Hello! That makes NO SENSE! What place do they have to go and just say “Hey we want to change the way the English language is spelling words around here! We are too ignorant to learn to spell the correct way (the way English speakers have been spelling since the begining of our time) so we want to say that you are making our lives too difficult and we want to change it so other people can join us in our ignorance! Yay!” This is seriously an embarrassment to our country. Do you see other cultures protesting the spellng of their languages? No! These grown people want to change words like “enuf” and “lojical” “shuud” and “difrent”. Seriously? You sound like an idot! I mean what kind of example are you setting for your children? “Honey, mommy can’t spell so she is going to try to change the dictionary so she can continue to misspell words and never learn anything.” Yes, I misspell words sometimes, but I do not claim them to be grammatically correct when they are clearly typing errors. I could not beleive this was a real thing when my friend told me about it. I was going on and on about it, it was quite good. I told her that I would love to be in raging conversation with one of these people who thought that this was a good idea. She agreed that this would be a sight to see due to the fact that she has never seen me in “raging conversation” (it is not really in my nature surprisingly). I did think though talking to her and then typing it all out would suffice and be a little less rude. haha.


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  1. Maisie

    Love it! šŸ™‚

    You are hilarious and yesss… these people are crazy!

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