So I’ve decided to be a grown-up and live in an apartment next semester with Rachel and a couple of other girls from school. I say “grown up” because… I’m really moving out and this will really be my own place. Scary thought. [By the way-I declare that grown-ups can daydream like kids because I daydream all the time.] The topic on my mind lately is the fantastical decor of my room and the kitchen that we will share. I bought (ok, my mom bought) a nice “Moroccan Spice” Quilt for my bed, which I am pretty stoked about because it looks like something that would be on a grown-up’s bed (That’s me!).

Actually, because I bought it on sale I didn’t find the shams to go with it- but hey I think I’m going to go with an electic feel to the room anyway. Much of everything will mixed matched patterns of warmth and wonderfulness. I am also looking forward to putting some classy art on the walls of my room. The one thing in the room that will be matching I think will be all the black picture frames on the walls. I’m thinking that it will kind of balance out all the colors and patterns I will have in there.

The real reason though is because I already have all these frames, out of all of them I only purchased one (The one for my big tree charcoal drawing. It’s pretty sweet I’ll post a picture later). I got them from various sources and they have been piling up in the nook under my desk that I never sit at.
I think that having our own kitchen is pretty grown-up, we should have some really colorful stuff in there like red pots and pans, that would be cool. TANGENT ALERT: I’ve always wanted a kitchen with red- It goes with every holiday that you could possibly throw a party for (with the exception of St. Patrick’s Day, but who throws a party for that?). But really: Valentines- red, Fourth of July- red with white and blue, Halloween- red with other fall colors such as orange and browns, Christmas- red and green. Red.Back to what I was saying before the tangent… We are pretty much at the mercy of our mother’s hoping that they will give us whatever they can from their kitches so that we will inevitably have to buy less. Too add onto whatever they will give us, Maisie and I are going to search for kitchen items at garage sales and thrifty places, maybe Bowie Trade Days or something. I am so excited for this.



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2 responses to “Grown-Up

  1. YAY for being grown-ups! 🙂 hahah. I love red. && turquoise. Let’s have a red & turquoise kitchen! ahaha. loveee you.

    • maryjames

      YES! Oh and Maisie gave me a great idea (it might be in my post i don’t remember) We can look for unique kitchen items at garage sales, thrift stores and resale shops. That could save us some money as well as having unique peices 🙂
      I can’t wait for August! Rach it is going to be great! I love you toooo!

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