Things I have never experienced

Things I have never experienced (but want to)
1. I have never been fishing.
2. I have never been hunting or shot a gun. (I have to correct this, I shot a tiny bb gun once with Mais)
3. I have never been given flowers.
4. I have never been out of the country.
5. I have never danced when there is no music. (Not that I dance much when there is music. haha.)
6. I have never been kissed outside in the rain.
7. I have never been on a jet ski.
8. I have never read a book and finished it just for pleasure.
9. I have never been on a picnic date.
10. I have never had a surprise birthday party.

Until this past year I had not…
1. Liked eating green beans.
2. Been on a vacation that was not with my family.
3. Stayed up reeeeealy late.
4. Driven out of wise county by myself.
5. Been ice-skating.
6. Been to a concert.
7. Been snowboarding.
8. Been in a serious relationship.
9. Been to a pro anything game.
10. Been to college!



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2 responses to “Things I have never experienced

  1. Didn’t we have a surprise birthday party for you your 7th grade year??!?

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