I love the honesty of children- they are not afraid to say exactly what they are thinking, good or bad. The kids I babysit absolutely warm my heart with the sincere words the say. Tiny little quotes I tuck away in my pocket. Probably no one else thinks that these little phrases have any value what so ever but I cheerish these cute little things I hear. Today Amber and I were having a conversaiton on the swingset (I love babysitting in the springtime because we always go to the park to play) and she was telling me about having the hiccups. “When you get the hiccups, that means your growing”. “Oh, how is that?”, I asked. “Cause I can’t even fit in my Dora the Explorer pajamas anymore, I’m too big!”
I think one reason why I love babysitting so much is because I feel so loved by the kids I get the oppourtunity to be with. It’s the best thing in the world to play with kids all day and actually get paid for it! Every time I drive up to the house I am bombarded with hugs before I even get out of the car. They quickly say to me, “Mary, Mary, can we play hide and go seek? We practiced! We practiced!” haha. “Of course!” I find myself repeatedly getting excited about the very same things they do, and sometimes even more so (like being obsessed with building tents for example, not all everyone shares this passion of mine). I’m the college kid who loves watching the Disney Channel, whose favorite food is Kraft Mac n Cheese and who would rather be playing hide and seek than [insert age appropreate activity here, i certianly can’t think of any. The next thing that come to my mind is playing house.
Children absolutely bring out the best in me because with them- I can be a kid. With them I can let go of all insecurities and be a crazy goof ball. Children light up my life, spark my personality, inspire me to be a great person and give me a hope to one day be the best mom ever.



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