You know she’s an art major when….

1. her hands are covered in charcoal because she just came from Drawing class.

2. she has a blue thumb as a result of spray painting her Design project (outside in the wind I might add).

3. she carries around a huge portfolio bag and an ugly toolbox for a portion of her art supplies.

4.  she stores her spray paint, workable fixative, and spray adhesive mixed in on the same shelf as nail polish remover, lotion and hand sanitizer.

5. she keeps containers for the sole purpose that sometime she might need it for a project.

6. she carries around the most odd things in her backpack like: a pencil bag, a viewfinder, paperclips, ziplock bags, and even things not pertaining to art such as: 3D glasses, a  whoopie cushion, and a kazoo.

7. she explains things and she cannot get the point accross, she has to talk with her hands and then draw you a picture.

8. she has more sketchbooks than text books.

9. her favorite thing about the cafeteria she eats at, over all the other caferterias, is that they have colored plates.

10. she notices the colors in your eyes and the shirt your wearing before she even knows your name.


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One response to “You know she’s an art major when….

  1. This is a true list indeed 🙂

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