When Harry Met Sally

After playing Apples to Apples with the family (which was super fun, as always lots of laughing) mom and I watched “When Harry Met Sally” in her room. Oh such a good movie! The first time they met they hated each other-Harry said, “men and women cannot be friends. It is just not possible because sex always gets in the way”. The second time they met he didn’t remember her and the third time they met they become friends. They had such great conversation, no pressure to try and impress each other because they were not thinking about sex. Harry said, “I can talk to her about anything” and that (I think) was the key to their friendship. They married their best friend- that’s the way it should be I think.

I asked mom, “What were the things you liked about dad when you were going out, what made you like him?” She said, “Well he was just really easy to talk to”. She told me about how they met and were good friends first. My mom taught at Lamark and it was my dad’s first year. She showed him around the city and my mom, being the most wonderful and encouraging woman I know, wrote him cute little notes to brighten his day. The most memorable note being attached to a snickers bar: “When the day gets rough remember to just Snicker” -or something like that. Thier first offical date was to a high school football game and dinner at Bennigan’s afterwords. haha. Of course I my mom remembered exactly what she wore, she felt under-dressed because the band directors wore suits to the games. The next week mom was sure to be decked-out in a brand new navy pin-stripped suit (skirt and blazer) which she described so vividly. She wanted prove that she knew how to dress well. hehe. I love my mom. My dad walked in and joined in the reminiscing; it was great.


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