Lonely weekend

This wasn’t necessarily intentional but I ended up spending my last days of spring break completely alone. Kinda depressing. It seems as though everyone else in the world is busy- they have plans with other people or important things to do, either way, they are not here. I hate those lonely nights when you have to fall asleep to a dvd to keep your mind from wondering into negativity. Noboby wants to hear negativity, so I apologize for this post. Anyway, I look forward to tomorrow when I can see at least my roommate and people in my classes again.

To make up for my downer attitude I’ll make a list of things good things from this weekend:

1) I cleaned up some stuff in my dorm. My junk drawer in my desk actually looks functional and I organized my art supplies for class this week. You know when your an art nerd when you catch yourself storing your fixative with your lotions and nail polish remover on the shelf. haha. I Put returned it to my toolbox so my shelves looked less weird.

2) I saw Karyna Cruz play at Cafe Du Luxe and got some great sketching in.

3) I took some old stuff to Just Like New and bought a few really great peices.

4) I listened to the oldies station in the car all day, which is always encouraging. I wish people still made music like that. I don’t know why, but I love it. When I made a donation at Goodwill the 70 year old man commplimented my choice of music. “Pretty Woman” was filling my car with great song and dance. haha.

5) Target is always great. My favorite purchase was a box of trix which had the throwback packaging. Again, I like old style things. I tend to buy things just because the text on the label is appealing. I know I should have lived in a different time.



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2 responses to “Lonely weekend

  1. Sorry to hear about your lonely time! I’m thinking of you!!

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