2:13 am

I am so nervous about tomorrow I cannot go to sleep. My body is so tired, especially my feet and back, but my mind is wide awake. Other then the hour break at Art Six and the shower when I got back to the dorm, I have been working on my art projects for since 5:30pm this evening. Even then, at Art Six, I was doing homework- reading an article for Art Appreciation. Anyway I have two peices of art due in Design 1 at at 8am. The first I am fairly pleased with- the constructiong paper assignment looks nice and neat and can be turned in any direction and it still looks alright. The second, oh what a mess. I hate it. All this clear tape cut into .25 inch strips and it’s thrown on there like a 2nd grader did it. I really don’t know about that one. Oh I hate it, but on the bright side- if I get a bad grade on it I can always redo it. It will be a pain, but well worth it. I think that’s what I’m going to do. I can’t imagine getting a good eveluation on it. Also I have a couple things due in Drawing 1 as well- composite drawings. This all consists of the 4 small scale composites of the different arrangements of our items, one large composite drawing on illustration board, and 8 thumbnail sketches. The India Ink looks less than impressive on the drawing paper, but on the illustration board it looks pretty good. The only thing that bugs me about it is that I have specs of ink on my board- it’s not perfectly clean.

Also a little worried about the quizzes coming in a couple weeks in those two classes because I have not been reading the textbooks. Hmmm. Yeah I am not very excited about that. Oh well I’ll get it. But 1st thing’s first, tomorrow after Stars and the Universe homework at Jack’s house, I am working on stuff for Art Appreciation. I have a quiz in there on Thursday (that’s tomorrow) and a project due the following Thursday. Ughh. No.

So I don’t know if all this thinking right before I go to bed is a very healthy thing but I do know that it is good to just write it all out and get it out of my system. That would be nice if after that the inhabitions just dissapeared, but of course-  it’s never that simple. P.S. It is now 2:42am.


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