Jewlery Sifting


So mom and I went through her old jewlery last weekend and we had the best time. Each peice had a story- where it came from, at what point in her life she bought it, or how she acquired it exactly. There was literally drawers full of these memories. Some she hadn’t worn in years and she wanted to get rid of them. Most of it is going to the resale shop, but I got to pick out whatever I wanted for myself. I was quite pleased with my new finds and I immediately started putting new outfits together inspired my the new/old jewlery.

The chore of clearing the clutter for my mom becomes my treasure trove where I discover peices than have been neglected for years and are now my new excitement! Not only did I get fuctional, wearable peices, but I also nabbed a new collection of sparkley, gaudy clip-on earrings, pins and pendants. As these pile up in my box I am going to eventually make something wonderful out of them. I don’t know- magnets, push pins, or maybe a border for a mirror, picture frame, or cork board. Not sure yet but we’ll see. I can’t wait!


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