Encouraged with school for the 1st time

I made a 145 out of 150 on my Communications Presentation!!! I am so excited I feel like dancing! On the last presentation I had a partner and we did not do nearly as well- so this was a BIG IMPROVEMENT. I got my grading rubric for my individual presentation and I did really well! The only thing I didn’t do perfectly was the outline that was supposed to be full sentence.There was a lot of check plus action goin on all over that paper!  It was so encouraging that I am finally doing something right! She wrote lots of good things! I put in some of my knowledge of how to analyze art and applied it to the artifact that my Presentation was over. So because a good chunk of the PowerPoint was about that I didn’t need to spend nearly as much time talking about the rhetor and things like that. The picture was much more important 🙂 Very encouraged. I hope I did well on the final and I hope with that plus my extra credit will be enough to bump me up to an A in that class.


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