Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Oh Oh Let My People Go!

So I was reading in Exodus today and my eyes were opened. There are so many lessons you can get from just one story! I was reading on Chapter 10 at frist just to look up one verse and see where it cam from- but then I kept reading. I love how the bible is like an adventure, like Indiana Jones- but better! See God has this plan all devised and nobody has really seen the big picture yet. Act 1: God wants to releive the people of Egypt of slavery and set them free from the evil Pharaoh! What a huge act of LOVE! Moses has to TRUST in Gosd that this big plan of freedom will work. God knows that Pharaoh is meanie so he hardens his heart even more just to make Moses’s acts of justice even more miraculous! God sends all these plauges and still Pharaoh refuses to let the people go. Ughh, dooche. I love God’s sense of humor with the Red Sea. He plans it all just right to where the enemy will fall right into his hands. So basically I am completely in awe of God’s Love, Mercy, Determination, Creativeness, and Humor. hehehe


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