So I’m at Art Six with Jack to do some studying and we run into a friend of his. At first they greet eachother quickly and we sit so we can get on with what we need to do. I am quick to notice that the man is in a wheelchair and is slow to speak with a studder, so i understand when Jack doesn’t introduce me due to the time. I didn’t pay much attention and we went about our business. Jack is on his laptop with headphones in editing a video while I attempt to study history notes from a test I was supposed to take two weeks ago. Me being a terrible multitasker, I cannot concentrate and I begin to over hear the conversation of Jack’s friend and the man he is talking with at the next table over. I listen carefully. Slowly. He loves stories, the man says. He loves to here people’s stories. He loves to share God’s stories. He says that he passionate about living God’s story and sharing it with other people. I listen carefully. Slowly. He asks the man he is with, ” So what is God showing you right now?” “Patience” the man says and he shares a passage that spoke to him recently from Isaiah.

Whoa. I loved hearing these college age guys talk about thier faith so openly and passionately. Right here, just listening to their conversation was teaching me patience. He spoke slowly but sincerely. This man who some may say is disabled, speaks for church services and schools and here in this coffee shop he was speaking to my heart. I realized that I really need to improve this area of my life. How often am i conciously thinking about being patient? When is the last time I was patient? Umm… yeah. Hello Mary, wake up and stop only thinking of your own selfish desires.

Areas of my life that I need to apply patience: 1) My relationship with God 2) My relationship with my parents 3) My relationship with Jack. There is plenty of time.  4) Listening to people. Don’t think about whatever I’m going to say while the other person is still talking. That’s not listening, that’s hearing. 5) Planning. Ok I am like a hardcore planner, always keeping up with the next thing on my calendar and looking ahead the the next event. Boom Boom Boom. Check it off my list. Pay attention to what’s happening in front of me instead of only thinking of the future. Slow down and enjoy the right now.

Praying. Trying to be self-aware.


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