God please help me with all this social stuff. I want to make the right friends and not get cought up in the wrong crowd while still being able to influence and lead by example. God You are the only one who is capable of making anything perfect. I know that right now I have a chance to witness and to send to good news but I need your help in steping out of my comfort zone. Part of all of this will take some courage that I know you will give me. I want to be outgoing, smiley and full of life. Give me strength and help me not to be drained and complain. Please be with Ariel and Rachel as she meets new people and I pray that you will help her also find the right people to around consistantly. God please bless this small group we are about to start up at Hannahs. I only want what you have for me and I don’t quite know how to listen for that. I don’t what you want me to do as far as a church home goes so I am puttin it all in your hands. As long as I am growing and serving, that’s were I want to be. Please watch over my mom as she prepares for surgery this week and be with the doctors that will be working with her. Please if at all possible ease her pain and be with her in this time coming up. Also please comfort Dad and Austin as they will be at her side and just help them to help her with anything she needs. Let them not be picky or lazy but give them a servants heart and a positive attitude. I love you God. Thanks so much for all you are preparing for me and what you have already blessed me with. Amen.


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