A situation…

This morning we rehearsal on the feild. I brought my backpack with everything in it, or so I thought. Afterword on my way back to my car I am frantic looking for my missing keys thinking that they must have fallen out of the zipper of my camelback. I searched the field and every sstinking compartment in my backpack only to realize that the keys were laying in the front seat of my car the whole time. Oh yeah and the car was locked. Awesome, the key have been located only to find out that they are unreachable.

Step 1: Figure out how to get the keys out. Answer: AAA

Oh that’s right the number is on my keys- that are locked in the car.

Step 2: Get AAA Card from wallet. Problem: My wallet is in my dorm. The key to my dorm is on the key ring locked in my car.

Step 3: Walk a million miles back to Kerr.

Step 4: Borrow temp key from front desk.

Step 5: Retreive wallet from dorm.

Step 6: Walk walk walk walk

Step 7: Call AAA to help me get my car unlocked… wait wait wait…

They come and Yay! promlem solved.

Ugh. It was a long day.


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