Green Brigade Day 1

This morning was the audtition: an event I was not particularily looking forward to considering I had not even touched my instrument all summer. The first  test was to locate the room in this maze of a music buliding.  This will be good. Haha. Well I found it eventually. I sightread a sultry peice of music and play off some scales. In my eyes I did not do well. I didn’t have the range they were looking for so I was really embarrassed that I had to ask them fingerings for some of the extreme low and high notes. Anyway I left the room upset at myself and embarrassed. So yeah, this morning was not great. ; (

I drove to lunch with my new friend Carolyn at Champs which is a cafeteria at Victory dorm. Man it was full of athletes! Like BIG guys two feet taller than me seriously. And I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anywhere that loud. Lol. The food was surprisingly tastey ; )

To my surprise I was not last chair. Haha I was happy to find out that I sat  26th out of 38 I think. I was ahead of some upperclassmen and a few of the people that auditioned with me.  I was very happy! The sectionals went well and I think will be able to get the music it’s just the memorizing I am worried about. Marching was really fun, I just love marching in general way more than the actual playing. And I didn’t mind seeing guys with thier shirts off either.

Anyway Rach and I are competely and comfortably moved in and I don’t think anyone could have guessed that we arrived less then 48 hours ago. It’s going great. More updates to some.


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