Babysitting Tonight

Tonight I babysat at the Whisenant’s house where I spent the evening with Abigail and Savannah. We had a really fun night, well I did at least. We played dress up, built a tent, ate pizza in our tent, and watched a movie. Truth be told they weren’t to keen on playing dress up and staying in thier outfits but I had a ball. I didn’t know Apriil was a dancer when she was younger too. The girls were so cute in thier sequins and too toos. Next was the exceptionally great tent, also my idea.  We ate and then watched The Little Mermaid in the parents room. Man I miss being a kid. Everything then seemed so much greater. Everything bigger, more colorful, and more adventurous.

One thing that was really funny to me- During the movie I started to sing with the song “Under The Sea”.

Savannah: “Umm, hey can we not sing…”

Abigail: “Yeah…”

Me: “Oh do you not like my singing?”  (jokingly)

Abigail: “I like your singing.”

Savannah: “I like your singing, it’s just annoying”

Haha, I love the honesty of children. They say exactly what they’re thinking.

Here are some pics from tonight…



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