Why is it that in July, in 100 degree weather, I sm freezin my toes off in bed so much so that I can not sleep? Hmmm perhaps because my eskimo father prefers to keep our house at the temperature of an igloo! Grrr! I think I need some wool socks or something! These are the socks I wish I was wearing right about now.09sproutBLOG001

Last night I fell asleep on our new couch watching sports center with my dad. I stayed there the remainder of the night and I must say it was rather comfotable. I like the new couch. I like it better than my bed honestly. I like change in general when it comes to sleeping arrangements because I do not fancy my own mattress. It is supposed to have slats all underneath it but only two remain- both near the foot of the bed, so whenever I am sitting up in bed and attempt to adjust myself… the top half goes down and my bed is now a seesaw. I feel like the Princess in the Princess and the Pea. My bed is perfectly fine other than the slats issue, I just cannot get comfotable. I am looking forward to my new bed in college. New bed, and my new comforter. So Cute : )17092


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