Today I woke up to a kitchen of family and of course the first thing I do is head straight to the pantry (like every other morning of my life). My dad gladly makes everyone panckes, complete with sausage, and pinnaple orange banana juice as well. Mmmm. The meal was great but it wasn’t the food that made it memorable- it was the conversation.

We discussed all our diffent ways of eating pankackes. We all put the butter on each pancake in the stack, not just the top one. My dad puts his butter in a little mountian, while the rest of us spread it around in order to cover the whole pancake and to absorb the goodness. I cut my stack very precisely into a pattern and then pour the syrup; Austin and my dad pour all the syrup first, to ensure that it has been aborbed by the fluffy cake and cut as they go; while my mom puts her syrup to one side and then cuts only a portion at a time. It’s funny how we do things our own little way.


For example, reading the paper on a sunday afternoon was always a memorable tradion for my dad and I both. He would read the paper on the floor, and lay in his stomach in front of the window in the living room, relaxing in the sun. This was my oppourtunity for relaxation as well. You see I would climb up on my daddy’s back, curl up and talk to him as he read. We had many good talks there on the floor of the living room in our home there. 

At the kitchen table Austiin spoke up and said that he did not remember things from when he was little. We all quickly began to remind him of various events from his childhood. He was right, many of the great things I remember he does not because he is four years younger than myself. We took many vacations and when I was but five or six he was in his toddler stages. Still there wee things he did recall, such as our eleven day trip to Oregon. Along the way we saw Carlsbad Caverns; Tombstone, Arizona; The Grand Canyon; Yellowstone National Park; and the end of the Oregon Trail. It was a marathon of America’s sights to see in the west.

We traveled almost every summer to see things that none of our friends have ever been lucky enough to see. I love that my dad has a passion for traveling. Months in advance he will research what there is to see, where we should stay, and how to map out our route. It’s exciting thinking about what we have done over the years. Wow. Eighteen years. I can’t believe it. I don’t know what on our calendar this summer but whatever it maybe I think we will be coming back to our roots in Fort Worth, seeing the things that have been right under our noses and hopefully relive some old traditions as well.


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